About Me

I am a knowledge seeker – a ravenous reader – an online marketing aficionado – an outdoor appreciator – an aspiring guitar guru – a prolific dreamer – a wishful thinker – and a zealous traveler looking to laugh as often as possible, live in the moment, and learn anything and everything.

I am fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing people in my career. I cannot express how much I have learned, grown, and enjoyed working with my colleagues and have made many life-long friendships. Below are some of their kind words.

“It is rare the you come across standout talent like Adam. He has tremendous ideas and was always supportive of our colleagues and clients. The wealth of knowledge Adam brings to the table, coupled with his relaxed matter-of-fact presentation style makes any project run smoothly. He’s a top-notch marketer and a wise businessperson who’d make a tremendous addition to any team. Adam earns my highest recommendation.” {Manny Perez, Senior Manager, Online Media at Clarus Commerce}

“Adam is a talented, engaging and easy to work with business partner. He has a powerful blend of marketing and technology skills and an innate curiosity to ‘test and learn’ to drive his business. I really enjoyed working with Adam and highly recommend him!” {Mary (McConnell) Bows, VP of Sales at Madison Logic}

“Adam is fantastic manager and experienced digital marketing leader. He excels in the B2B space and lead generation, but he also has a deep understanding of B2C digital marketing practices, spanning social media, mobile, SEO and email marketing. I had the pleasure of working with Adam at Cycling Sports Group where he was promoted to lead our team during a transition. He provided excellent leadership and took the time to mentor and support his team. He’s a genuinely nice, funny and humble person, so the bonus is that he’s not only awesome at what he does, but he’s great to work with too!” {Whitney Parker Mitchell, Senior Director, Global Digital & Strategic Marketing at Kroll}

“Adam does a tremendous job in his role at CSG. Originally I hired Adam to manage the digital marketing for our B2B eCommerce platform. Shortly after his hire, we determined we needed to completely rebuild the platform from scratch. Adam became the project lead, and did a masterful job navigating a $1MM custom platform build to a highly successful conclusion. Adam had to manage challenging politics, and provide constant reassurance and information to stakeholders across the globe. He ramped up his technical knowledge quickly, managed an extremely detailed and complex project to perfection, and always added value through the process. Adam takes initiative, escalates appropriately, and produces clear communications and documents with little direction. He’s a great team player anyone would be lucky on have on his or her team.” {Patricia Wintermuth, VP of Marketing at GameChanger}

“Adam was one of my primary business partners at CSG and was really great to work with. We partnered together to create, from scratch, a highly transactional and scalable global B2B system for CSG which generated incremental growth of upwards of $3mm each month in US transactions alone. We also constructed and implemented a scalable solution that enabled foreign markets in Europe and Japan to transact on the same platform. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the business vision, drive, and executional strategy that Adam brought to the project team. All of the business acumen aside, he’s also just a great guy, easy to talk to and funny as hell. I count him as an excellent business partner, and friend.”
{David Kersting, Director of Digital Application Development at Starwood Hotels & Resorts}

“Since joining EDR just 3+ years ago, Adam has honed his design and writing skills, become our resident SEO expert, developed creative marketing plans for his vertical markets, and become an expert and the “go to” person for many of our marketing software applications.

On top of this, Adam is also a true team player. He is always willing to help out with others and their projects and problems, even when it includes working overtime. He is truly an asset to EDR’s marketing team.” {Brett Dehler, Director of Branding and Communications at EDR}

“I have worked directly with Adam at EDR for the past 2 years. To be brief: Adam is an extremely talented and innovative marketer. He goes above and beyond his role of providing marketing support to the corporate group of our company to provide expertise in graphic design, SEO, branding, media, and web 2.0. He constantly challenging himself with learning new ways to promote EDR’s image as well as its products and services. Adam is a risk taker who is always willing to apply innovative solutions to existing challenges. In addition to taking on his own heavy work load, Adam is a team player willing to contribute his many skills to additional projects going on within the company. Adam is an excellent communicator and works well with the many personalities at EDR. In addition to these strong professional qualifications, Adam possesses great character as a colleague and a friend. He shows honesty and thoughtfulness in and out of the workplace.” {Lauren Rosencranz, Marketing Manager at EDR}

“Adam is creative and professional, with incredible attention to detail. His work is of the highest quality, and always completed in a timely fashion. Adam has great ideas and a solid overall business sense. He is very easy to work with, and every project he touches is improved tremendously.” {Vanessa Galello, Marketing Communications Professional}